English Time



Want to improve your English? Do you feel uncomfortable because you can’t express your thoughts clearly?

Come and practice! You will Learn English by “doing”.

Why it is important to practice English Conversations instead of using other techniques?

Because it is the most natural learning method. Since we are children we start using vocabulary and using grammar by listening and trying to say so. You will learn through practice and not cramming.

In our English classes you will learn Real English; expressions, idioms… The teacher will customize each class based on the needs of the students. You will learn to speak English naturally, without thinking of grammar rules, just feeling confident with yourself. The classes are going to be once a week, for one and a half hour.

Every week you are going to decide with the teacher the next topic we will work, you can bring material you would like to share with your partners and moreover, you are going to be the protagonist!

Want to try?